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Enhance your wine cellar
Personalize your customer area

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An innovative concept

Dressing a tank or a barrel enhances your cellar.
The wines estate and vintages are alive in the winery.
Visitor experience is visually enriched.
Your logo appears in visitor's photos and selfies and distinguishes the dressed vats

in your winery from neighboring cellars.

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Stainless steel tank



The stainless steel tank has many advantages. It controls the temperatures of your vintages to ensure superb freshness and liveliness. It enables you tightly control the speed of fermentation and achieve aromatic complexity.

The stainless steel tank serves as the ideal communication medium, take advantage of the different sizes vats to promote the name of your estate, its vintages, its history, its philosophy in an original way... Logos, photos and explanatory text can be printed on the dressings. They visually enrich your wine cellar, enhance the visitor's experience and leave an indelible impression on the visitor.

DECO barrel



Wooden barrels are often used in tasting room display and as bar tables.
The sides of the barrels provide an ideal surface for communication.
Logos, texts and custom artwork can be printed on them.
The dressing of DECO barrels visually enlivens a shop, a restaurant or a patio.

From 59 € excl.VAT

TECH barrel



Visiting the wine cellar is a key moment for customers.

It emphasizes the richness of the wood and gives the visitor an opportunity to take memorable photos of the visit.

Dressing the head barrel of each row or even all the barrels in each row, creates an unique visual experience. It elegantly conveys a global vision of each wine, vintage and cuvée and enables the visitor to see the diversity of the wines that are produced and aged.

From 59 € excl.VAT

From 340 € excl.VAT

Dress It Up


The "Dressing" transforms the cellar with an elegant and personalized display. The cellar's appearance can be enhanced simply and quickly, without moving the barrels, creating a lasting impression for tourist visits and other special events.

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An original way of personalizing your winery

From 59 € excl.VAT

Bran CHAIS ® covers fit vats, barrels and casks of all shapes, sizes and capacities

A constructive and visionary story

Wine tourism is booming. Domains and châteaux have become living tourist sites.

Visitors want to discover, understand and see the art of wine making.

They need to identify and remember each place.

Beautifying the cellar enhances the estate that wishes to present a new and innovative look.  

In 2020, a team of three friends, a passionate restaurateur and sommelier teacher, an investment fund director and a marketing director came together around the Bran CHAIS ® project.

They decided to develop new marketing techniques to help winegrowers improve their sales.

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