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A demanding confection

Bran CHAIS ® covers  for TECH and DECO barrels

Our covers are specially designed to fit all sizes of barrels. The STANDARD 100 label on the fabric of each cover is synonymous with confidence and high security. The material does not include any harmful substances. PVC free, it is recyclable and has an M1 fire classification (non-flammable and smokeless). Thermal sublimation printing provides high quality appearance and relief. Covers are easily washable.

Each cover is packaged in individually recyclable paper. Wrapping and unwrapping barrels is quick and easy.

Maintaining and replacing the cover for various events is easy.

 Bran CHAIS ® Dress It Up for TECH barrels

Adopting the same specifications and technical requirements as for the DECO and TECH covers, Dress It Up
is an unique concept to offer many possibilities to enhance simply and quickly without moving the barrels, with exclusive textile materials and finishes. Each Dress It Up cover is individually packaged in recyclable paper.

Bran CHAIS ® Stainless Steel Tanks Covers

Our covers are specially designed to fit all tank sizes. Each cover is made of flame retardant material that meets the B1 Standard (M1 equivalent). Digital printing creates exceptional photo quality and anti-UV treatment ensures weather resistance. Our covers are washable and scratch resistant. Eyelets and stretchers facilitate installation. The covers fit the tank perfectly and enhance the cellar. Each cover is packaged in a protective tube.

Other tanks

We can develop custom covers for concrete ovoid tanks, rectangular tanks, and non-standardized shapes.

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